Why is it that when we have (almost) everything that we think that we could ever need, we are still not happy?

Are we really that bad that we need to have the seemingly perfect life that we simply cannot be happy until we have it? or is that something that we don’t have, so strong of void in our lives that we are not happy until we get it?

But even then, what? What if that thing that we so much wanted in our life is not what is making us unhappy or sad?  What if we never find that final piece of the puzzle that will make us happy?

Recently a friend sent me a text that pretty much summed up my feelings ‘You do have (almost) everything that you ever wanted. House, car, loving family and friends, live and work abroad, have a full-time job (and a half job). Certainly more than most people! but you’re not happy are you?’

She is right. I do pretty much have everything that I have wanted.. I actually have more. But there is something missing which doesn’t complete me.  Doesn’t make me smile everyday and doesn’t leave me content.

Don’t get me wrong. I have days when everything seems perfect and fine, but those days are becoming fewer and further apart that I have to wonder that if I don’t make a change to something in my life, if that big black hole of sadness will truly swallow me up and spit me out having lost years of my life?

I can’t afford that to happen.  I DON’T want that to happen.. so it’s time to make a change.

What’s your secret to happiness?

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