The lost simplicity…

The other day as I crossed the street I watched a lone dandelion being carried by the wind, I thought to myself ‘if only life could be that simple’

Lately so much has been happening. So much is going on and I feel as though my head has been in a spin.  For  a moment I lived in the dream that life could be much simpler if I could just be carried by the wind.  Landing where the wind wanted me to land, seeing what I could in the little time that I had before being swept up again and lifted off to another far away place, or simply…just a block down the road.

Everyone wishes, hopes for a simpler life, yet what is it that holds us back from reaching out and taking it with two hands?  What is it that tells us we need to stay mainstream and fall into line with societies conformity? with the everyday mainstream?

I am a traveler. I love to travel. But I know that I am my happiest when I am visiting places that seem to have the simple life. Places that are still relying on manual labor. Still doing daily chores by hand. Using family life to live in simplicity and not race against time.

I know that western life has developed.  That we have grown to rely on items which we never thought we would and items that I know we need to maintain in order to stay competitive, to continue to live our lives in order to feed ourselves, but why can’t there be methods to ensure that we re-create some of the simplicity in our lives.

Why can’t we just take the time to enjoy life. To stop and listen. To smell. To enjoy.  Why keep rushing from one thing to another, and never stopping simply.. to take it all in?

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