fate.. challenges … or just plain coincidences

I never know what to believe in fate.

I know that there has to be a reason behind something, a reason why we are all where we are in the world, a reason that we meet the people that we meet and a reason as to why things happen.  But when thoughts (and actions) collide without reason, I have to wonder what the world is telling me.

I see challenges daily.  Living on the opposite side of the world to your family will do that, but when forces out of your control have the ability to be able to help you make or break a decision..I am left in awe.

already I over think things too much, so this new little bit of news has my head spinning out of control and my emotions running high.  Who do I turn to? who will understand what it is that i need to understand? who is going to support me? and who will simply just be there, because I need them to be?

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