Time to look within..

“Believe it or not, no one can actually make you angry, you choose your own reaction so quickly it’s hard to believe you did it by yourself..”

My niece posted this on her facebook page this morning, or last night.  Exactly when I can’t quite remember, but it was there when I woke up this morning and it made me think exactly how much this is true.

We live our own lives, form our own destinies and somewhere along the line make decisions, from time to time, to blame others, when truthfully we know that there is something deep inside us that is eating us.  Forcing us to blame someone or something else, rather than facing our own selves, our own truths.

What is it that pushes us to this extreme?

What is it that enables us to blame one another, to not be accountable for our own actions?

I know that this is something that I do often.  If I’m not in the right head space. If I am not feeling 100% myself, I attempt to blame someone for my foul mood or get angry because they haven’t done something that they should be doing or have done something that they shouldn’t have been doing.

I know I choose everything in my own life. I have never been forced beyond comprehension to something that I have never wanted to do.  I know that I have been told that I shouldn’t or I can’t do certain things and yes, in some cases when I thought it was necessary, I became angry. But it’s not that I needed to.  It was simply because I was stubborn, pig-headed.. it’s in my Taurian right, right?  But can I really blame it on that? Should I get angry about that? no!

Perhaps I should be more accountable for my emotions. No, not perhaps. I will be more accountable for my actions in the future. I will try not to blame my anger on anyone, or anything.   I say try, only because I know that this is going to be hard for me.  But as they say, being aware of doing something that you are generally unaware that you are doing, is the first step in making a change.. mine starts tonight.

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